You Might Need a Massage if....
you yell at appliances and vending machines !!!

your stiff neck keeps you from changing lanes !!!

you have developed a nervous tic in your face !!!

just thinking about your job gives you a headache !!! 

you haven't watched a sunset in months !!!

every minute of your week is scheduled !!! 

you get a call from a lawyer after your fender-bender !!! 

you keep telling friends, "I'm Too Busy" !!!

you find out that your in-laws are visiting for a week !!!

it is the week before your wedding !!!

you work at a computer station all day long !!! 

people keep telling you to " Chill Out " !!!

your back pain keeps you from standing up straight !!! 

you haven't had a quiet moment in weeks !!! 

you wish it was Friday on Monday !!!

you tailgate and flash your lights repeatedly !!!

you grind your teeth at night !!!

you take care of everybody in the family but yourself !!!

you toss and turn all night long !!!

people keep telling you to "Lower Your Voice" !!! 

you are on your feet all day long !!! 

you find yourself yelling at people for no reason !!!

you keep saying, "Same old, same old" !!!

you haven't felt really good in a long time !!!

you often describe your workday as "Horrible" !!! 

you haven't had a good laugh in weeks !!!

you don't smile very often !!!

the pain from an old injury keeps flaring up !!!

you feel the weight of the world is on your shoulders !!!

your favorite phrase is "Been there, done that" !!!

you drive at two speeds.... at Full Stop or Pedal to the Metal !!!

                                           Michael D. Hudgins 1999, 2003, 2008, 2013

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