The Art of Effective Massage Therapy is in the way that the therapist hides the almost constant ebb and flow of tissue evaluation and application of therapy. The therapist's hands should "ask questions" and hopefully generate positive soft tissue changes that alleviate discomfort or pain.   

This primary information feedback loop requires that the therapist is constantly attentive to how the specific areas of the body are changing and how the person receiving the therapy is perceiving their body during the therapy. Over time, "thoughtful integration of techniques" changes the tissues in a positive manner and shifts the way the tissues perform. In turn, the person receiving this type of attentive therapy will be able to feel the benefits of the therapy as she or he performs daily tasks. This is a secondary feedback loop.

This secondary loop is made up of the body awareness moments that you listen to in the days between therapy sessions, the "self-care adventures" that you participate in (yoga, meditation, walking, dancing, exercise, food and water intake, etc.), and the information you give your therapist before a therapy session begins.  

To be able to construct and accomplish an effective therapy plan for a person, the therapist must maintain detailed notes on each session. These notes must be muscle specific and must describe how the person perceives body changes during, after and between sessions. This scientific approach is the only true way a therapist can provide "evidence based" therapy and document the effectiveness of a massage therapy plan. 

This is the way I work as a therapist. I listen quietly as you describe your past and current physical discomforts and the stressors in your life. Based on this information feedback, I then provide a multilayered evaluation/therapy session that is effective and enjoyable. During the hour, my hands "listen" to the story your body tells and intuitively provide the best techniques needed to shift discomfort to ease.  

My calm, attentive, scientific approach has helped many people in Montgomery and Central Alabama since I started this work in 1999. 

I'm sure that I can help you feel more comfortable in your body as you face life's stresses and physical challenges. 

If you are looking for effective therapy in a professional environment, please call me for an appointment at  334-272-5411.

Dr. Michael D. Hudgins, Ph.D., L.M.T.

Alabama Massage License #: 655  
A.M.T.A. Professional

The Art and Science of My Massage Therapy

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