Location, Office Hours and Pricing


Oasis Massage and Bodywork does not have a specific location. Due to Covid-19 the business model has changed. 

Office Hours

Dr. Hudgins provides therapy services to a small number of clients based on their need.  All sessions are by appointment. 


Dr. Hudgins' regular, 1-hour sessions are $100. Half-hour sessions are $50  and 90-minute sessions are $150. The price remains the same regardless of the type or focus of the therapy session. Deep tissue and medical massage sessions are $140 per hour. 

"Stillness" sessions are $100 per hour. Stillness Therapy is a unique form of bodywork that allows the receiver to experience deep relaxation while full clothed on a massage table.  

Dr. Hudgins does not accept tips, because he considers his work to be a professional medical therapy. The only tips Dr. Hudgins accepts are your suggestions regarding books, music, plays, etc. that you think he may like. 

Dr. Hudgins also teaches a secular form of meditation for $100 per hour session. The main focus of his instruction is to help people to learn to control their breathe cycle, so they can begin to accomplish a "state of being" that is "mindfully anchored" in the "here and now".  

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